Domestic adoption through Lifetime Christian AdoptionYour adoption is a pivotal event in your life, and many adoptive families seem to take a passive approach, thinking, if it’s meant to be, it will be. Now, let’s make an analogy. For example, if you were in critical need of an organ donation, you’d do everything possible to get the help you needed as soon as possible. You might even organize awareness or fundraising events! You wouldn’t leave anything to chance. Why leave your adoption to chance or happenstance?

Of course, you don’t want to rush into anything without doing the research first. Ask yourself honestly, how long have you “been in talks” about the possibility of adopting? If you know in your heart you could love a child who is not of your body just the same as a biological child, then it is time to take the next step. The time is now.

Start early with your research. Of course, it’s best to also learn the financial side of adoption as early on as you can. For most families, getting the financial ducks in a row can take months or even a few years.

Put out feelers and set up appointments to learn about adoption programs. If you’re new to researching adoption, you will quickly see why I recommend starting now. There should be no risk to you as a potential adoptive family to speak with different adoption professionals and learn about what their programs have to offer. There is so much to learn, and you are in a much better position to research in advance before your need becomes critical. Many couples I speak with have reached an age where one spouse just feels it’s the point of no return – that if it doesn’t happen “this year” we will move on with our lives just as we are, without adding a child to our family. Why let it get to that stage?

None of us is getting any younger, and new birthmothers are seeking families every day. You are the perfect family for a birthmother who is out there and is in desperate need of a family for her child. She will never know about you unless you are in position to adopt. Take the next step. Begin actively researching a specific adoption path today! If you have questions during your adoption research, please give us a call at Lifetime Christian Adoption: (530) 432-7373.