Michael and Kimberley with their sudden adoption blessingMost couples who contract with Lifetime can expect a wait of several months to get that special call!  The wait can be hard and frustrating. For some families, this is not the case. It is wonderful to hear about couples that are placed within weeks of completing their contracts!

Scott and Renee were contracted for less than two weeks, when they were chosen by their birth mom! Scott was actually on a mission trip to Africa, during this crucial time. Lifetime assisted in arranging for a legal release of the one year old baby boy. The birth mom met Renee in a local park and gave her the baby. Can you imagine the phone call that Scott received? Surprise, you’re a daddy!

Another Lifetime couple had been contracted just a few days, when a birth mom chose them. She wanted a couple that lived in her area. The baby girl was born four weeks later at the local hospital. The couple brought their baby home the next day. They felt as if the baby was literally dropped in their lap! The new family spent the next few weeks, sharing their wonderful surprise with friends and family.

The stories of these two couples are not the norm. However, it does happen! Every year, we see several families that sign their contracts, complete their profiles and are matched within a month. It is joyous for everyone involved when the process goes so smoothly.

I will celebrate with you, if you are a family that has a baby “dropped in your lap”! You never know what God has planned for you. It is best to have a pediatrician lined up and a crib in the nursery, just in case you are one of those families that doesn’t have to wait!

“On the day I called , you answered me;
My strength of soul you increased.”
-Psalm 138: 3