Christian adoptive parents Pete and Janna admire their adopted babyMaking the decision to adopt a big one for every adoptive family, but for many, dealing with the wait is the hardest part. As you’re in the waiting part of your adoption journey, it is common to become apprehensive. Adoptive families have shared with our staff here at Lifetime Christian Adoption that they’ve had sleepless nights, trouble focusing at work, and a general feeling of “butterflies” in their stomachs. These experiences are perfectly normal and even expected as you wait for a birthmother to pick you to parent her child. In choosing to adopt, you’re putting your time, emotions, and finances toward your dream of becoming parents.

You help your adoption journey run more smoothly by giving yourself some control over your time and feelings: become proactive! This will allow you take control of those bunched-up nerves, and convert them into positive actions that will spread the word that you are hoping to adopt a child.

Christian adoption is a lot about faith and timing, but it is also about doing all you can to expedite your own adoption journey. At the start of your journey to adopt a child, there are a lot of steps to complete. After all your adoption documents are ready, your home study complete, and your profile has been finished, the waiting process starts. Being proactive will not only make the time pass but will also perhaps make your adoption journey even more memorable.

Check out these 10 tips for becoming more proactive in your adoption:

  1. Volunteer with an adoption charity, such as Lifetime Foundation.
  2. Help a friend in need—Giving the gift of your time to someone in need can help ease your feelings.
  3. Celebrate—Get your family together, and let them know how they can support your adoption plan.
  4. Start a journal: write about your adoption process. Your child will love to have your words as a keepsake someday!
  5. Be Creative–Create special adoption cards to carry with you and pass around. Include your first names and Lifetime’s 1-800 number.
  6. Take a course about baby care and child development.
  7. Keep in touch–Mention your adoption journey in your Christmas card, letter, or newsletter.
  8. Build support- Surround yourself with other adoptive families who can share their positive experiences with you.
  9. Decorate—Get the nursery ready and baby-proof the house.
  10. Find a hobby-Start something new that you enjoy and can share with your child.

Lifetime Christian Adoption has compiled this list of tips for you, so that some your tension surrounding the adoption wait can be eased.  Remember, stressful or anxious feelings are normal as you wait to adopt a baby. What you choose to do with your feelings of apprehension is completely under your control. We believe the Lord has a special plan and timing in mind for each of our lives. We can do everything possible to set ourselves up for success, and after that, we must place our trust in Him!