Our staff at Lifetime Christian Adoption just received this beautiful adoption note from Scott and Meredith:

“We thank God for planting the seed of adoption into our hearts 13 years ago. God truly has a plan for all His children that He creates. You all at Lifetime poured your hearts and souls into our adoption and helped make the “perfect match” for our family.

From the first moment our birth mother and myself spoke, it was just meant to be by God. Scott and I had always known our baby’s middle name would be hyphenated to what the birthmother had chosen for her baby. So I asked, “what name comes to you when you think of your baby”? She immediately replied,” we always said if we were having a girl her name would be Isabella and we would call her Bella”. I screamed and cried into the phone and said, “that’s her name, that’s her name”! We had named her Isabella a year ago and would call her Bella. Our birthmom and myself were speechless and could only cry. She said, “its just meant to be by God”.

We thank God every day for our birthmom. Her strength, commitment, and courage was empowering to witness. She wanted both of us to be in the delivery room for the entire induction. She said,” I want you guys to have all the perks of having a newborn”. The nurses had me put on a hospital gown. As the last push was approaching, the nurse prepared the recliner next to our birthmom for me to lie in. Scott had requested for me to cut the cord since he had been privileged in doing so for our 3 other children. After cutting Isabella’s cord I immediately laid in the chair. She was placed on my chest, underneath my gown, still wet with amniotic fluid. As a mother this is an amazing feeling of bonding with your baby. The hospital staff was so supportive and even gave us a hospital room to stay in since I was breastfeeding Isabella.

We hit a huge bump in the road with our birthfather. Our birthmom and her husband fought alongside Scott and I the entire fight. We are so blessed to have had their strength with us, during that difficult time and because of them we prevailed. Our birthmom and myself have become best of friends and talk daily. What a beautiful love to have. We are like sisters and wow, how amazing it will be for Isabella to witness this bond.

To all you families in waiting, please believe and know in your hearts that God has a baby in the making for you. Your strength, commitment and most importantly your “Faith” plays the biggest role in your adoption dream coming true. Trust in the Lord and Lifetime for your perfect match. Whenever in doubt, remember these 9 words: Everything In Life Worth Having, Is Worth Fighting For. Our adoption journey is proof of these 9 powerful words and little Bella is our precious gift from God because of it. God Bless you all at Lifetime for the great work you do. We send prayers of comfort and strength to all you families in waiting. Just know that Gods plan will soon unfold upon your family. Our family is finally complete thanks to God and Lifetime!”

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