Here’s an inspirational adoption story from Lifetime Christian Adoption’s Founder Mardie Caldwell:

When faced with infertility, I remember wondering and asking myself if I was meant to be a parent or if God had another plan for me. Perhaps He thought I would not be a good parent and so wasn’t “blessing” me with a baby through pregnancy. It would take me a while to realize I was wrong about that and to believe it with my whole being.

After first experiencing pregnancy and then loss after loss, it was hard not to think that God had it in for me. I even wondered if I had done something wrong. It was not what I had dreamed of as a little girl growing up in a small valley town, as the oldest of five children. But the outcome would be more exciting than I had ever imagined as a child. God had a wonderful plan to give me children of my own as well as many through helping other children find forever homes through adoption.

I recall one Sunday, praying for one more pregnancy, and within seconds God bopped me on the back of head, and in my spirit I heard Him say, “These are all your children, Mardie” – referring to all the children I was placing in my career as an adoption facilitator.

His answer warmed my heart and addressed my question. In that moment I realized it would have been difficult if not impossible to help those I was helping through adoption if I was also a full-time mom. I also felt His peace, knowing He had given me a gift that would keep on giving as I undertook the work I am doing to this day.

What obstacles do you face as one who wants to be a parent?

What is your heart’s desire? Have you asked God for answers to your questions? To lead you where He wants you to go?

Take time today to find a quiet place where you can ask the questions uppermost in your mind then focus on His answers. And if they don’t seem to come right away, have faith that they will come at the right time. Don’t stop praying or believing. Don’t become bitter, because your faith is the key to your success.

May God bless you and keep you,