close up of baby faceChristians are drawn to adopting because The Lord has called them to be a parent to a child. They want their child to know the love of their Heavenly Father, to be grateful to God. They are privileged to be the earthly parent to these little ones given to their care; for their life, God has a purpose and a plan.

God’s simple request can be the biggest blessing in our lives, and the lives of the children we raise. Many do not know about the grace and unconditional love only found through knowing Jesus, and discovering a life of peace and acceptance.

If you are an active Bible-believing Christian, read the newest book, Called to Adoption, by award-winning author and adoptive mother Mardie Caldwell. If you feel a calling to adopt a child or children, or know someone that is, this book will answer your questions and bring you closer to God’s plan for your life.

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