is unplanned pregnancy part of God's plan?The idea of adoption goes back to the Old Testament, in the story of Moses (Exodus 2:10), Genubath (1 Kings 11:20), and Esther (Esther 2:7). Ephesians 1:5 shares with us that God willed us in love to be adopted as His children through Jesus Christ, “in accordance with God’s pleasure and God’s will.”

In the era of the New Testament, the Romans, Greeks, and Babylonians had carefully-dictated standards and rituals for adoption. Their loving and sacrificial connotations of adoption can be seen in Scriptural references of adoption as a form of salvation and grace.

But some ask “if adoption is part of God’s plan, are infertility and unplanned pregnancy too? We say that God’s plan is perfect, but how do reproductive issues fit into that plan?”

It can be difficult to compare these issues to the concept of a loving, kind God whose desire as a parent is to shield His children from harm! We have to accept that even when God compassionately hears and understands our questions, His answers may seem slow to arrive.

We would never be so bold as to try to speak for our Creator. Based on our years of dedicated service in adoption, however, this is how we understand it.

Most Christians believe that God’s plans are not meant to be understood by humans, even though we try so hard to make sense of things that seem to go against what we’d hoped for. Here is where FAITH is important: trust God’s promise to reveal His purposes. Most people of faith believe that God has given human beings free will. Because of this, our plans can go in ways that God wouldn’t have chosen for us. And yet, God is with us in the face of every challenge!