If you’ve found yourself pregnant at the worst possible time, you might be facing a crisis of faith. It’s common for Christian women who are pregnant unexpectedly to wonder if this truly is a part of God’s plan for their lives. If you find yourself in this spot, rest assured that it’s okay to question where God is in all of this, because God is surely great enough to bear the burden of your uncertainty. God knows what is in your heart, and God can lead you to the answers that you seek– all in God’s perfect time.

If you find yourself in this situation, you’re not alone. Lifetime has worked with many women who struggled with their faith while they were considering adoption. It’s OK to question where God is in your life right now. Isn’t He great enough to bear the burden what you’re going through? Remember, God knows what’s in your heart, and He will lead you to the solution you’re looking for.

If you’re thinking about adoption for your baby, you might have gotten some pretty rude comments from nosy busybodies. They say things like “if God didn’t want you to become a mother, He wouldn’t have allowed you to get pregnant.” Wow!

Know that God doesn’t wish for His children to become victims. However, the gift of free will means we’ll sometimes become the victim of our own actions. When we’re victimized, God responds to our cries for help. He can bring miracles, in a big way! Just think about open adoption: you’re able to choose life while at the same time giving your baby the upbringing you wish for him or her. And, a couple who can’t conceive are blessed with a child.

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