Here’s a beautiful adoption update that Adoption Coordinator Veronica was emailed from Christian adoptive couple Dustin and Crystll:

Dustin and Crystll's precious baby boy

“Karsin is almost three months old and we’re still in awe that he is here! Karsin is growing like a weed at almost 10 pounds, far cry from his NICU lowest of 5.8, and 22 inches long! He loves to talk, giggle, watch the puppy and seeing all the visitors he has had since we got home!!

While waiting was the hardest thing, we know now that this is why we had to wait, there was a bigger plan and we are soo blessed. Thank you, soo much to Lifetime for everything! Thank you to Patty for helping while we were in the wait, and thank you, Veronica, for everything you helped us, and Karsin’s birth parents, with. Our relationship with them is great and we thank God every day for them!

Much love from our very full hearts!❤️”

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