Christian adoptive couple Dusty and Whitney from TexasDusty and Whitney have been blessed with two children and would love to adopt a third! They can’t wait for the opportunity to share family vacations and Saturday morning cartoon snuggles.

Dusty and Whitney live in a 4-bedroom house that’s filled with laughter and adventures in a family-friendly neighborhood. Their son, Justus, is five years old and is looking forward to being a big brother again. Their daughter, Taryn, is three years old and is a sweet-spirited little girl.

They share, “We will try our hardest to create a safe and fun environment for your child to grow. We promise to encourage their own unique talents and personality. We will do our best to help your child pursue their own dreams with passion. We will give your child a network of support, help when they need it, and independence when they are ready. Most of all, we promise to maintain open contact with you if you desire, and to cover your child with so much unconditional love.”

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