Encouragement for adoptive moms-in-waiting Lifetime Christian Adoption is sharing a special message to the adoptive moms-in-waiting today. Many adoptive mothers who are waiting to be chosen by a birth mother find this weekend to be difficult. On Mother’s Day and every day, you’re in our thoughts and prayers. You will be a mother soon! God has the perfect child for each of you in His perfect timing. As you trust Him and place your burden on Him, He will carry you through this difficult time of waiting.
Our Founder, Mardie Caldwell, has these encouraging words to share: “I was a mother-in-waiting like you. I know your heart and mind are focused on being a mother. Your focus is on your adoption and fulfillment of this need in your life throughout every day; especially around Mother’s Day. Remember, God knows the desires of your heart. You will be a mother soon, so stay faithful and don’t give up!”
Lifetime encourages you to give your adoption worries over to the Lord. In order to remain strong in your faith, realize that you may need to commit yourself to it day after day.
God recognizes your child and has a plan for him or her. He has plans to bring that child into the world for you to raise for His glory.
Many waiting adoptive moms trudge through Mother’s Day with aching hearts, wanting very badly to hold their baby. Wanting to say “thank you” when someone wishes them “Happy Mother’s Day.”
Adoptive moms-in-waiting: God is good, and He is faithful. Lifetime has helped hundreds of women become mothers; we have seen His faithfulness in answering these women’s prayers.
It will take time, patience, and prayer to hear God’s voice throughout your adoption journey. When the day arrives that you hold your baby, you’ll know that this child was meant for your family.
And so this Mother’s Day, spend some time in the Lord’s Word. Let it comfort and guide you each day. He has the answers to all of our needs.