Pregnant woman wonders "Is it a sin to give my baby up for adoption?"“I’m 20 weeks pregnant. As a strong and devout Christian, I’m so ashamed to admit that I’m pregnant out of wedlock. I know that I’m going to do an adoption; abortion is something I’m totally against. But I’ve been having doubts. As a Christian, is it a sin to give my baby up for adoption?”

Going through an unplanned pregnancy is one of the most stressful situations you could find yourself in as a Christian woman. It’s normal to have lots of questions, especially since your faith is important to you. And, you might be feeling pretty overwhelmed right now. Think about talking to your pastor, preacher, or someone whose views you respect and look up to.

Know that it’s not wrong to choose adoption if you feel that it’s the best choice for you. You’re choosing an adoptive family for your baby who can give him or her the opportunities in life that you know that you can’t. That is in no way a sin!

When you’re wondering, “Is it a sin to give my baby up for adoption?”, we encourage you to take a look at the benefits of adoption:

  • Makes sure your baby is financially provided for
  • Helps an infertile couple have a child
  • Provides your baby a safe, stable and loving home
  • Stay in your child’s life through open adoption

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