Click to learn about our Birth Mother Blessings program!We feel truly blessed to be able to send birth mother blessing packets out to women in need! Through a program called Birth Mother Blessings, we can provide maternity clothing, household items and other needs for you.
Here’s a note we just got from one woman who received a Birth Mother Blessing:
“Thank you Tiffany, for the book, Bible and sweet note!! I’m really impressed and grateful for your entire agency and for your generosity and support through all of this!! God led me to you guys and I’m truly thankful for it all!”
Here at Lifetime Christian Adoption, we care about our birth mothers and their families. Without you, many adoptive couples wouldn’t be able to become parents. It takes a lot of strength and love to choose adoption for your child. We want to thank you for loving your child so much that you want the very best for their lives. God bless you!
Visit BirthMotherBlessing.com to learn more about our Birth Mother Blessings program. We can help you at any stage of your pregnancy. The purpose of the Birth Mother Blessing package is to offer you some love and inspiration as you create your adoption plan.
Thank you also to everyone who has made a donation to Lifetime Adoption Foundation for these Birth Mother Blessing packages. Your donations help us keep sending out these beautiful packets!