Be yourself when looking to adopt a babyIf you have watched reruns of the popular sitcom ‘Friends’, you will probably remember the episode where the couple (Monica and Chandler) try their best to impress the adoption professionals and birth mothers to improve their chances of being selected as adoptive parents. While it was hilarious to watch, what a disaster it can be in real life! Often, couples in the process of adopting are tempted to project themselves as someone they are not or the ‘better’ versions of themselves. While their intentions may be good, it can have very harmful consequences, including deceiving the birth mother and other professionals involved in the adoption process.
Why do couples feel the need to impress others in the adoption process? For most couples, it is just the long waiting period and the accompanying frustration that makes them act like someone they are not, to quickly get it over and done with. Or the fear that they won’t be chosen because they aren’t good enough. There is also the intense desire to become a parent as soon as possible. But, it is important to understand that God has a child waiting for you and He will unite you with that child at the God-appointed time. Just be yourself, content that you are made in His image and He has taken permanent residence in your heart.
When you abide in Christ and He abides in you, you don’t have to struggle to find favor with others. Just as the branch quietly abides in the vine, draws its resources from it, and bears fruit in due season, God will answer the desires of your heart when you continue to draw your strength from Him. Don’t fall prey to approval addiction. You will never be able to please everyone you come into contact with! So, be proud of who you are in Christ and let Him lead you to the child He has waiting for you.