Thinking about adoption? This prayer is for you!Some women end up thinking about adoption because they are young and aren’t ready to become a mom. Others are already parenting children and don’t have the resources needed to raise another. For some women, their baby’s father isn’t supportive of adoption, while others make an adoption plan with help from the father.
No matter what their reason for choosing adoption, we believe that all birth mothers deserve respect, love, and a future filled with hope.
Many Christian women thinking about adoption have found it helpful to say a prayer, such as this one:

Dear Merciful Father,

I ask for your blessing. Please give me
Hope for a bright future, filled with abundant blessings;

Please give me
Peace of mind and heart for the sacrifice I am thinking about making for my child;

Please give me
Respect from others for this decision;
Grace for choosing life.

I ask you Lord Jesus to
Bless me with a positive relationship with my child’s adoptive parents.
Please bless us with
Clarity in our communication;
Faithful gratitude;
Unconditional love.

May the Holy Spirit bless me with
Endurance during difficult times;
Optimism for the road ahead;
Confidence in Divine Love.



It’s normal to be unsure about choosing adoption for your baby as a Christian. We encourage you to speak with God about your situation and ask for strength and guidance.


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If you decide that adoption is right for you, we can help as you create an adoption plan you feel comfortable with and support you as you search for Christian adoptive parents.