Wondering what to ask adoptive couples about their faith?With Lifetime Christian Adoption, you have many adoptive couples to pick from, and they come from various backgrounds and religious denominations. If you’d like your child’s adoptive family to be a specific denomination such as Lutheran, Methodist, or Baptist, we recommend letting your Adoption Coordinator know.
Once you see an adoptive couple you’re interested in, you have the opportunity to get to know them better. This usually happens with a phone call. If you’re nervous about talking with them over the phone, your Adoption Coordinator can join in on the call to help.
When you speak with the adoptive family, chances are you’ll want to learn more about their faith, church participation, and religious background. Here are 8 questions that you could ask the couple about their faith:
1. What style of church do you attend, and how often do you go?

2. Why is your faith an essential part of your lives?

3. What drew you to join your current church?

4. Are you involved in any religious activities or organizations? (like Bible study groups or volunteering).

5. What is your church community like?

6. What is your stance on having your children baptized?

7. Did you grow up in the church, and follow any religious traditions or beliefs? What’s your religious background?

8. How do you plan to teach your children about the Lord?
You’ll be learning more about your baby’s potential parents during this phone call, and they can get to know you better too. Since this may be the beginning of a lifelong relationship, connecting about a topic that’s important to both of you is a wonderful place to start!

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