One of the main aspects of a Christian’s walk with Jesus Christ is prayer.  Prayer allows us to have a close relationship with the Lord. In the Bible and when attending service, prayer is promoted as the way to obtain what our Father in heaven has for us.

Prayer will be your foundation as you make choices and plans in every step of your adoption process as Christians. Prayer allows us to attain the emotional, physical, and spiritual balance that we need when adopting. God wants to help you with every part of your life.  So, your part is to accept His blessings and to search for direction to know His plans for your family.

Family and children are a priority of God’s.  When we are born into this world, God has given us the advantage of being accepted into His family. This is done through faith in His Son and communicating with Him through the Holy Sacraments.

Ephesians 1:5 says “God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure.” This passage reveals that adoption is always on His heart. Adoption is mentioned throughout the Bible, such as when Joseph adopted and accepted Jesus as his child.

If you and your spouse are considering adopting in order to start or build your family, know that you will receive direction from God when you ask for His help in daily prayers.  Here are six daily activities that you can practice to obtain clarity in your decision:

  1. Search for His knowledge and plan for you
  2. Read and study His Holy Word
  3. Pray for direction
  4. Attend church service regularly
  5. Realize that a postponement is not rejection
  6. Before you respond to every decision, wait for God’s direction

Adoption does take time, perseverance, and patience.  Lifetime Christian Adoption’s Founder Mardie Caldwell shares, “My own adoption was a test in faith and believing that the Lord would fulfill our desire to be a mom and dad. I struggled through the hard times when people around me were chosen as adoptive parents over us. Honestly, at times I felt God had forgotten us, but He hadn’t. And when our time came, God rewarded us with the most wonderful little boy!


God is good, and I can’t imagine life without our son. Though our wait for the child the Lord had for us was hard, I soon forgot it. Once I had my son in my arms and our eyes met, I knew this was the child the Lord had for us to love and parent.”

If you trust God and have confidence in His plan for you and your family, you will find peace in allowing Him to lead your adoption. You will have the child He desires for you in your arms.

You will build up patience and understanding by waiting for the Lord. When you learn to depend totally on Him, you’ll develop a base for many wonderful years ahead as Godly parents.

In conclusion, you can ready yourself for the blessings of parenthood by approaching the adoption process securely, trusting the Lord and seeking His guidance through prayer! Do you have questions about Christian adoption? Please call Lifetime Christian Adoption at (530) 271-1740.