Bret and Alison are a young, techy and financially secure couple from North Carolina excited to teach a child about Jesus, the value of education and helping others. They promise that your child will grow up with joy, laughter and unconditional love.

Together, they enjoy going to Disney World, camping, hiking, playing board games, volunteering in their community and watching family movies. Bret is employed as a Senior Web Developer and Alison works at an online education company as an Associate Producer.

About his wife, Bret shares “She is always looking out for others and doing for them. Whether volunteering at church doing child care or packing meals, she always has a smile on her face…Alison can’t wait to be a mother. She is looking forward to singing a baby to sleep, playing games with a toddler and teaching a child about love and life.”

And Alison has this to share about him: “His desire to serve others and positive attitude are some of the first things that made me fall in love with him. Since Bret works for a university, the school will pay for 80% of your child’s college tuition and fees.”

Bret and Alison had talked about adoption since they first met, and as the years passed they knew God had designed their family to grow through adoption. They promise to love you and your baby unconditionally. They are committed to an open adoption relationship with you, if that’s what you choose. They’re so excited to be first-time parents!

You can find out more about Bret and Alison by visiting their adoption website. If you’d like, you may also view all adoptive family profiles here at LifetimeChristianAdoption.com. If you see an adoptive family that you’re interested in, please give Lifetime a call at 1-800-923-6784.