kyletayaKyle and Taya are an outgoing, active, college-educated Christian couple. They live in Central Nebraska and have been together for 11 years and married for 7 years. They don’t have any children yet, but are eagerly awaiting the day they can become parents through adoption.

This Christian adoptive couple have a motto: “never forget how to play” and laughter comes easily to them. Health and staying fit are important to Kyle and Taya; they exercise together, cook healthy meals, and have active hobbies. Before they got married, they discussed adoption and have turned to adoption as the result of infertility.

Both have stable careers: Kyle works as a dispatch manager and Taya’s a nurse who works part-time. Taya shares about her husband, “He is the kind of person you find trying to make the child in front of him smile or giggle at the checkout line…He looks forward to the days he is able to play a pickup game of basketball with his child or kick around a soccer ball. Kyle will be the father who dives head first into the imaginative world his children create.” And Kyle had these words to say about his wife: “Taya is kind, nurturing and a woman of patience.  Her experience as a Registered Nurse has given her the emotional strength to guide our family through the trials of life, and to comfort those when they are sick. She understands that every person has a valuable story to tell and takes the time to compassionately listen.”

Kyle and Taya’s home has five bedrooms, a large fenced backyard, and a nursery ready. The nursery is gender-neutral and decorated in a nature theme.  Their community is large enough for diverse opportunities, but small enough for safety and friendliness. Also offered are many lakes for fishing and trails for hiking and biking. Within driving distance, is their family’s farm and they plan to teach their children about adventure, animals, and agriculture.

They promise to raise your child to grow up with confidence in their abilities, but most importantly to trust God in His work. Kyle and Taya promise to provide a financially and emotionally stable environment, and that your child will receive a quality education. They’re open to present and future communication, and promise that your child know how grateful they are for you.

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