Hoping to adopt, Suzanne and RichTennessee adoptive couple Rich and Suzanne’s home is filled with laughter, love, faith and music. They love to cook, travel, exercise and relax. Since both of them are self-employed, they’re able to make their own schedules, which is a huge advantage for spending quality time together as a family.

Rich and Suzanne can’t wait to give their little boy a baby brother or sister and experience their adventure of growing up and discovering the world. It’s important to them to give their children the best education possible, and to continue that education at home.

Suzanne is a Realtor and enjoys singing, hiking, playing card games, and playing word games. Rich is a studio musician, producer and studio owner. He loves animals, movies, snow skiing and beaches. They live in a remodeled brick ranch home with a basement and have a really big back yard with lots of plants, trees and room to run. Their cat named Lucy is very friendly. Rich and Suzanne have awesome friends and a great church family who are all very excited about their plans to adopt.

Rich had these words to share about his wife, “…she makes me laugh every day. Before I met Suzanne, I couldn’t imagine myself as a parent… though I always wanted to be one. For the first time, I have a partner in life!” And Suzanne shares, “I married Rich because he gets my sense of humor and being with him is so easy. He is my best friend, and that’s why I know it will last!”

They were blessed with their son through adoption and they plan to tell him all about his birth mother. They invite you to be a part of your child’s life through letters, photos and visits, and will make sure your child knows about you and their adoption story. Rich and Suzanne are so excited to complete their family!

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