The staff at Lifetime Christian Adoption feels blessed to be able to share this touching adoption update that Christian adoptive couple Steve and Erin sent in:

Christian adoptive couple Steve and Erin with their children“Hello Patty and Libby!

Time has flown by so fast! We just can’t believe that Jude is already two and a half! In some ways though, it feels like it’s been so long since our ‘waiting days’ – now that God has completed our family, those days that were so so hard to live through, are now behind us! And best of all, we can look back and see that everything happened exactly in God’s perfect timing (of course!). Even though we wanted to speed everything along, He had the right plan for us, and looking at our beautiful children makes us realize that our wait was necessary for God to bring each of them to us! How wonderful to have the blessing of hindsight now (if only I’d been more patient back then! I could have saved myself a lot of worry and longing!

Sometimes I look back at the whirlwind of Jude’s birth and wonder how we made it through. What a crazy time! But also wonderful! We were able to have a wonderful bonding time with little Jude as he was stuck in the NICU for almost two weeks. Fast forward two and a half years and you’d never know he was a tiny 4-pound baby!

Steve and Erin's son, JudeHe’s so big now, and all boy. Our house used to be all princesses and glitter, but Jude has come in and taken over. Somehow everything has turned into a lightsaber or blaster gun. He can be quite the little stinker, but he’s so cute that his sisters always forgive him right away. The three of them together are just precious – God totally knows what He’s doing!

We just want to thank all of you at Lifetime!! We are so grateful for everyone who came alongside us during our journey! And I just want to give hope to all of those waiting families – we’ve been there, and if you can trust God to provide, you will come out seeing just how awesome His perfect plan is! We pray for the waiting families and sweet birth mamas often. Love and gratitude to you all!”


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