Hopeful adoptive mother praying in churchWaiting for the blessing of a baby can be discouraging and exhausting. Maybe you’ve only been waiting to become parents through adoption for a few weeks or months. Maybe you’ve been waiting for years, and have turned to adoption after failed fertility treatments.
No matter how hard your season of waiting on the Lord has been, know that He has a plan for you! Many waiting adoptive couples have found reassurance through Caroline Harries’ devotional, In Due Time.
In this 60-day devotional, Caroline shares of her own story of loss and longing. Even in the midst of waiting, it is possible to have joy by recognizing the truth in God’s Word. She hopes that each devotion in the book brings you hope and encouragement in your time of waiting.

This book will heal your heart, renew your mind, and allow you to better trust and praise the Lord during your season of waiting. Although the adoption wait is difficult, God is faithful. Know that He will finish the work that He began with you.
By remaining faithful and persistent during your adoption journey, in due time you will become parents! We hope that In Due Time provides you with encouragement and hope. God is with you during the waiting!
Here’s a short video of author Caroline Harries sharing more about her book, In Due Time: