Pray for adoption todayLet’s pray for adoption today! There are so many ways to pray for adoption, whether you’re personally touched by adoption or are someone who simply loves adoption. Comment with your adoption prayer, or prayer request, below, and join us in celebrating adoption through prayer.

We invite you to join Lifetime as we raise up birth parents and adoptive families in prayer so that they are able to unite in adoption! We’d like to offer you a free download, to help you get inspired to pray for adoption. It has a whole MONTH of prayer ideas!

You can access your free download here, or just click on the image below:

30 Days to Pray for Adoption - free download

Just provide your name and email address, and you’ll get access to a beautiful prayer inspiration download! Download it to your phone, laptop, or tablet for prayer inspiration on-the-go. Or, you can print it out to hang up or to carry in your purse. We’d like to encourage you to share this prayer download with your prayer partners, church group, Bible study, or with friends and family.

It’s our hope that you’ll join Lifetime as we celebrate adoption through prayer! We celebrate the adoptive parents who are blessed every day by adoption, and especially the birth mothers who make adoption possible.