Two Lifetime babies meet...what a double blessing!We feel blessed to be able to share this sweet adoption update that adoptive mother Julie emailed one of our Adoption Coordinators, Veronica. Two adoptive mothers, Julie and Kara, have a lifelong bond. And, both of them adopted baby boys through Lifetime, born one day apart. Now we call that a double blessing! We’re thankful for God’s perfect plan and perfect timing, which allowed these two to meet.
Julie writes, “I wanted to show you some photos of two Lifetime babies that finally got to meet!
Kara and Ethan adopted Ezra and we adopted Carter. Kara and I have known each other our entire lives. Our moms went to college together, so we have lots of childhood memories together. Now, we have Lifetime and our wonderful birth mothers to thank for the next generation!
Ezra was born on January 20th and Carter was born on January 21st. We were on opposite side of the country at the exact same time doing the exact same thing! It was crazy, fun and wonderful! They were both born at 36 weeks and 4 days, our birth mothers signed on the same day, and we got to go through the crazy whirlwind of adoption together!
These boys have captured our hearts, and we are so thankful for them!”


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