Did you know that every year, adoption is celebrated all across the country in November? We hope you’ll join in as we celebrate and recognize National Adoption Month! Recently, we asked Lifetime adoptive couples and birth mothers, “What does adoption mean to you?” We feel blessed to be able to share their answers, in recognition of National Adoption Month!
In Lifetime’s exclusive video, you can see their beautiful comments about how adoption has had a positive effect on their lives!

Adoption Awareness Month from Lifetime Adoption on Vimeo.

Adoptive parents Casey and Lisa share, “She was worth the wait! God had His hand in every piece of the adoption.”
“My daughter knows who I am and why I chose adoption. We have a special connection and I love her parents!” says Karisa, a birth mother.
And adoptive parents Jake and Alicia said, “The support and love we felt from Lifetime through the course of the adoption was such an encouragement!”
“I know he has what he deserves. I am so happy my son’s adoptive parents embrace me like family too!” says Jessica, birth mother.
Adoptive couple Ross and Carol answer the question, "What does adoption mean to you?"Adoptive parents Craig and Ruth share, “Our son is absolutely the most earthly gift our Lord has given us!”
“We love her so much. Her birth mother will always hold a special place in our hearts!” say Bobby and Chaun, adoptive parents.
Adoptive parents Ross and Carol share, “To say that we love this little guy would be a huge understatement. Thank you for everything!”

We hope you’ll join in as we celebrate and recognize National Adoption Month!

What does adoption mean to you? Please share by leaving us a comment below!