How can you keep the faith during your adoption wait?Are you spending time and energy trying to get something from God? Are you trying to get peace, get joy, and get wisdom during your adoption wait? We don’t need to struggle or strain to get anything from God. Instead, we need to learn how to cooperate with Him and allow what He’s deposited in our spirits to become a reality in our lives.
The truth is, everything we need to develop the character of Christ is already ours. It’s in our spirits in seed form. First John 3:9 says that as believers…God’s nature abides in [us] [His principle of life…remains permanently within [us]; and [we] can­not practice sinning because [we are] born (begotten) of God. The more we understand how God has deposited everything we need inside us, the less we will struggle and strain to try and get some­thing from Him. Instead, we can begin to simply believe for Him to develop and release in us what we need.

Full of God’s Nature

When you accept Christ into your life, you become full of God’s nature and carry the seed of “Christlikeness” in our spirits. God is our spiritual Father and has planted the seed of His nature, or DNA, in us. Everything we need to be more like Christ is in us. Ephesians 1:3 tells us that He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. Over time, as we learn to yield to Him and receive His grace for situations we face, we “grow up” and begin looking and acting like Him.
If you and I want to see the fruit of God’s nature become a reality in our lives, then we need to nurture the divine seed He has planted in us. Just as a seed in the ground needs water and sunlight to grow, as believers we need the water of God’s Word and the light of His presence on a regular basis to mature in Christ.

Believing Is Seeing

Until you bring your baby home, it can be difficult to envision. In our world, most people don’t believe they have something until they see it. The law of faith, however, is just the opposite. God says we have to believe first and then we will see it. Have faith that you will be chosen by a birth mother to parent her baby!
Instead of thinking and saying negative words of discouragement, despair, and defeat during your adoption wait, try thinking and saying positive things like, “The power of God is in me. I’m peaceful and patient. Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world. I can do whatever I need to through Christ who strengthens me!”
Whether it’s walking in the reality of God’s love for you, knowing that you can do all things through Christ, or any other blessing God has for you when you water what’s in your spirit with the Word, it grows and gets rooted deeper in your soul. The fruit of the Spirit-love, joy, peace, pa­tience, self-control, etc.-is in you. It just takes time for it to grow and become visible in your life.
So keep watering God’s seed with the Word. Keep going through the growth process, yielding to God as He deals with you and refusing to give up. Don’t think and say you need things like love or patience. Instead, say, “I’ve got love and pa­tience. It’s in me, and I’m going to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and believe the Word until I see it become a reality in my life.” As the roots of His truth go deeper and deeper in your soul, the fruit of His nature will grow up and become more and more evident for everyone to see.