Christian adoptive couple Daniel and Nabintu with their son NoahEvery adoptive parent goes through a different journey, which comes with a wide range of emotions, thoughts, and questions. Throughout their adoption wait, Nabintu and her husband Daniel continued to show their faith in God’s timing. They remained committed to their faith, to the adoption process, and focused on the good.
In this family’s story, we hear how Daniel and Nabintu moved through their adoption wait to a match and embraced the opportunity that open adoption gave them to develop a bond with their son’s birth mother.


Behind the Scenes of Daniel and Nabintu’s Adoption

Noah sleeps peacefully“Two months of the home study process, five months of not so patiently waiting, and a two and a half hour flight led us to our sweet baby boy Noah Alexander.
Our profile was published in October of 2017, and Daniel and I were dreaming of a new addition for Christmas. While we trusted God with our desire to adopt, getting through the holidays amplified that desire 1000%!
Thanksgiving came and went, and we decided to shift our focus. The adoption wait, of course, is the elephant in every room, so we became very intentional about spending time with each other doing things that we enjoy. We also prioritized our family time, being fully present, while praying for grace and patience. Ringing in the New Year with no match felt discouraging.
Daniel and Nabintu, during their adoption waitDaniel and I traveled in January and February 2018, and I had taken on new projects at work, continuing to focus on our day-to-day. The second week in March, Daniel received the call that a birth mom had chosen us and that she was due in two weeks. Two weeks! We were over the moon. Only, the following week she stopped communicating, and it appeared it might fall through.
We went through a roller coaster of emotions in the days following. That week felt like we were walking through a fog, until finally Daniel and I just sat down and prayed.

We prayed for this birth mom that we hadn’t yet spoken to, we prayed for our baby, and we asked God to wrap His arms around all of us as His will was done.

Noah at 8 weeks oldThat night we gave our hearts and the whole situation to God and felt completely at peace. We shared a couple of touch base emails with our Adoption Coordinator Diane as the birth mom’s due date got closer. She shared encouraging words, but there was still no communication from birth mom.
The week of her due date arrived. Every time the phone rang our hearts jumped. In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, my phone rings again, California number…it was really Lifetime! When Veronica said who she was and why she was calling, I’m pretty sure I said, ‘Are you for real?!’ Daniel had booked our flights before I even got off the phone. And a few hours later we were hugging Noah’s birth mom and getting to see our baby boy!

Through the angst, nervousness, anxiety, and uncertainty came something so beautiful. We could see God’s hand through each and every step.

Daniel and Nabintu's son Noah playingWe were also so glad that we attended all the Lifetime webinars that we could because they really prepared us for each of the ‘next steps’ that we encountered.
Taking care of those things that we could control – like what to pack, important paperwork, our attorney – allowed us to hop on that plane, then walk into the hospital with peace of mind and be able to give our full attention to Noah’s birth mom, building that relationship, and then bonding with Noah in the NICU.
Fast forward to the end of the year…we got an early Christmas gift – Noah’s adoption was finalized the week before Christmas 2018! This journey has been amazing.

We thank God, the wonderful team at Lifetime, and Noah’s birth mom for truly blessing our lives.”


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