Woman looking at her phone in the kitchenMaybe you got here by Googling “putting my baby up for adoption” or “adopt out my baby.” Or you might have searched for “giving my baby up for adoption.” In any case, you’ve come to the right site.
Lifetime Christian Adoption is here to help you with your adoption plan, whether you just found out you’re pregnant or you’ve already had your baby. It’s never too late (or too early) to choose adoption! Our team of caring, Christian Adoption Coordinators have helped women in all kinds of life situations.

Choosing a Christian Family for Your Baby

If you’re not ready to become a parent, you can still plan for your baby’s future by choosing loving Christian adoptive parents for your baby. Adoption means choosing what you know is best for your baby. So actually, it’s not “putting my baby up for adoption” or “adopting out my baby.” Adoption means providing your child the best life you can!
On our site, you can find profiles about hopeful adoptive parents with Christian values. Learn about their faith, church involvement, careers, values, and even their hobbies! Start by browsing our Waiting Christian Families page.

The Open Adoption Process

After you pick the adoptive parents for your baby, you can choose how much contact you’d like to have with them in the future. You can get updates on your child through emails, pictures, Facebook or Instagram posts. Many birth mothers opt to stay in contact through annual face-to-face visits with the couple and their child. The term “open adoption” is used to describe such an arrangement. With open adoption, you choose your child’s adoptive parents, how things go at the hospital, and the amount of future contact you’d like.
If you’re working with Lifetime, you’ll have a dedicated Adoption Coordinator who will inform you of your choices with open adoption. She’ll also give you resources and adoption help so that you’re able to feel comfortable with the choice you make.

Are the Adoptive Parents Good People?

Before they can adopt, couples have to pass an intense background check. They must have a social worker visits them at home for what’s known as a “home study.” During the home study, the social worker interviews them and checks their home’s safety.
To sum it up, a home study means that the couple will be evaluated to make sure they’d make good parents. The home study is detailed and includes contacting the couple’s references, a home inspection, income verification, and a criminal background check.

We understand that the decision of adoption isn’t easy. Lifetime Christian Adoption is here for you, whenever you have a question or concerns about giving your baby up for adoption.
Our Adoption Coordinators answer our toll-free phone line 24/7. Just call or text Lifetime Adoption at 1-800-923-6784.