Woman sitting on bed and looking at pregnancy testIf you’re reading this, chances are you’re dealing with a pregnancy that you didn’t plan on, and are looking for information. Maybe you’re full of questions and just need to know where to go for answers and support.
It’s normal to feel scared, unsure or overwhelmed right now. These are all very common emotions, so try not to let them overwhelm you.

You Have Time

Take your time…that way, you can make the very best choice for you and your baby. The truth is, a one-of-a-kind person is growing inside you right now. You are carrying someone unique, someone special, and there will never be anyone else who’s just like your baby.

You Can Make a Plan

What will your plan for your baby look like? What resources can you look into right now, and what decisions can you make that will be best for your baby and for your future?
There is a lot to consider when making parenting choices. Are you ready to become a full-time parent at this point in your life? If not, have you ever thought about providing parents for your baby?
You can hand-pick a family for your baby. You can make a plan with your child’s best interests at heart. You can give him or her parents and all the things your baby needs to thrive through adoption.
Why not take a few minutes to think about adoption? Take a closer look and ask questions that might come up as you think about this parenting choice.

How could I ever give up my baby for adoption?

Adoption isn’t giving up your child. It’s giving to your child the life and opportunities that you want for him or her. As a loving parent, try to focus on what is best for your baby.
If you can’t provide the kind of life you want for your baby, or it’s just not the right time to become a parent, you can still provide for your baby, through adoption.
Some women make an adoption plan because they want to wait until they’re married to raise a child. Others decide on adoption because they want to give their baby security in a loving home with both a mom and a dad.
You’re the best person to choose what you think will be best for your baby and yourself. And you’re already being a good parent by thinking carefully about what you want for your child’s future!

Would you like to learn more about choosing adoption? Just call or text Lifetime at 1-800-923-6784, or request free info online.

Making an adoption plan for your baby #adoption #openadoption #unplannedpregnancy #choosingadoption
Making an adoption plan for your baby #adoption #openadoption #unplannedpregnancy #choosingadoption
Making an adoption plan for your baby #adoption #openadoption #unplannedpregnancy #choosingadoption