pregnant woman on a beachLifetime believes that if you’re thinking about adoption for your child, you need someone who will provide you with warmhearted, encouraging support. Many women who turn to us for adoption support are scared and overwhelmed about the future. They’re in a life crisis, wondering what to do next.
If this sounds like your situation, know that Lifetime is here for you. Our Adoption Coordinators are here to help you learn about how the adoption process works, the many choices you have with open adoption, and what your rights are as you think about this decision. We’re just a phone call or text message away, at 1-800-923-6784. That phone number is answered 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so you’ll never get our voicemail.
One of Lifetime’s Adoption Coordinators who help birth mothers just received a very touching email. This birth mother continues to share how thankful she is that she reached out to Lifetime. She’s faced her share of hard times and has said that even looking at Lifetime’s website provided her comfort in all the services, resources, and blogs that we have to offer.
We feel blessed to be able to share her email with you today! We’ve removed her name and any identifying details, for confidentiality:
“I asked God this morning to put someone in my path who is in this business for the right reasons and hopefully and quite obviously it looks like He has done that.
You all just restored a little bit of my lost faith back into humanity for me. Because I looked at everybody like they were just cold, cruel and mean…and OMG the WORLD was just dark, gloomy and cold.
So it’s like I always expected something bad and was never surprised when I got bad news or whatever the case was. And then when I find somebody like you it’s like you know ‘Gosh… why were you so doubtful? Have faith good people still exist girl.’
Thank you so much, Melanie!”


If you’d like to look into adoption, please call Lifetime Christian Adoption at
Our staff is here to provide you with support and help, not to judge you.