Adoptive mom Carly with her husband and sonWhen adoptive couples sign on with Lifetime, most come from a journey of months or years of already waiting. They might have experience waiting through infertility, waiting through miscarriage, or even waiting to be chosen by a birth mother. When hopeful parents hear our Adoption Story webinars, many ask “How long did they wait to adopt?”
In domestic infant adoption, the wait becomes a focus, and sometimes a challenge, for hopeful adoptive parents.
Recently, Lifetime held a special webinar all about the topic of waiting to adopt. Our special webinar guest, Carly, shared her story. Before she was able to welcome her son home through open adoption, Carly endured years of fertility treatments and said many prayers about becoming a mother. Carly recounts that she began to recognize how every part of her journey, including the wait, was significant and prepared her for the blessing that was to come. As Carly says, “There’s purpose in the wait.”

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“Waiting Well: Carly’s HeartGrown Adoption Story.”

HeartGrown subscription box for adoptive mothersFrom experiencing her own adoption journey, Carly grew passionate about encouraging other adoptive moms-in-waiting. Her company, HeartGrown, sends out monthly subscription boxes filled thoughtfully with books, jewelry, and self-care items, all related to the adoption wait. We can’t wait to show off the work she does to be a support to adoptive moms-to-be!
As you’ll hear in this webinar, Carly shares how waiting for a child is often a sweet and meaningful part of an adoption story. The wait is where the dream grows, where growth and preparation happen that will get you ready for the child you’re meant to adopt. “Without the journey, I wouldn’t have a story,” Carly says.
When you watch “Waiting Well: Carly’s HeartGrown Adoption Story,” you’ll learn how she made the most of waiting to become a mom, and what she did with her personal experience to encourage other adoptive moms-in-waiting. We also presented:

    Adoption webinar: Nurturing Your Dream While You Wait

  • How to handle people’s questions about open adoption
  • The advantages of open adoption
  • What to expect at the hospital when your baby is born
  • How to process feelings of grief or loss during your path to parenthood
  • What visits with a child’s birth family can look like
  • Carly’s tips on moving from infertility to adoption
  • What to say to loved ones who don’t understand why you’re adopting

This webinar will remind you that all of the questions and heart-tugging emotions you move through as a hopeful adoptive parent are normal. You’re not the only one who truly feels the journey!
You’ll see that your wait can serve a valuable purpose in your future family’s story. If you need encouragement as you wait, this webinar is a must-watch!

Click to watch Lifetime’s exclusive webinar:
“Waiting Well: Carly’s HeartGrown Adoption Story.”