mom and sonQuestion: “I’m a single mom, and my son just turned 3. I’ve been struggling to make ends meet since the day he was born. I work two jobs so I can pay for daycare, but still, money is stretched thin. If I can’t pay my bills, I can’t take care of him.
So, I’ve been thinking about adoption. I love my son so much, and it’s really hard to imagine adopting him out. But, it’s also hard to think of what could happen if I don’t do an adoption now. Is it too late for me to do adoption?”
Answer: It’s never too late to choose adoption for your child. Lifetime has helped many women who struggled with parenting and then turned to adoption. You’re in charge of the entire adoption process, and that includes determining when you’re ready to get started. It doesn’t matter if your child is weeks, months, or even years old: adoption is always a choice that you can make.
If you choose to make an adoption plan for your child, you’ll have the same choices and rights as a pregnant woman does, including:

  • Selecting the right adoptive parents
  • Making an adoption plan that meets your goals for your child’s future
  • Deciding on how much you’d like to stay in touch with the adoptive family and your child
  • Connection to all the resources, support, and services you need
  • The power to decide when you’re ready to sign adoption paperwork

The fact that you’re thinking about adoption means that you love your son so much that you want the very best for him, no matter what. Adoption might be the answer to your situation. And with open adoption, you can remain a part of his life, while at the same time providing him with loving and stable adoptive parents. It’s reasonable to want to stay in touch on some level, since you’ve been caring for him and in a loving connection together all this time. The adoptive parents you choose to adopt your son will be honored to get to know you and start a connection that will continue after the adoption takes place.
You can move through the adoption process at your own pace. Lifetime Adoption is here to help, not to pressure you into a decision before you’re ready. There’s no deadline to do what’s best for both you and your child.

To learn more about your adoption choices and how to move forward, contact Lifetime anytime by calling or texting 1-800-923-6784.