“I am so THANKFUL: firstly that God led us to Lifetime; secondly for the support and resources, especially the webinars; and thirdly for the encouragement; the timely cards and especially the letter that said it was our turn to be lifted in prayer by the entire staff one particular week! Aaron and I are head over heels in love with Zachary Noah and we thank God and Lifetime for the role it played in bringing Zachary into our lives. God bless you!!!”
We shared these heartwarming comments in an adoption update from Aaron and Kimberly, an adoptive couple who’d just welcomed their newborn son home through a Lifetime adoption. Today, we’re delighted to share a new update from Lifetime adoptive mother Kimberly:
Lifetime baby Zachary crawling and eating food“It’s incredible to me how the time has flown by. Zachary is nine months old already! Aaron & I are in awe of him as our love for him grows stronger every day.
Zachary’s demeanor is still as sweet as the day he was born. Every Sunday we are greeted by Zachary’s fans as everyone from the childcare staff to the pastor is anxious to hold him and show him love. The children’s program at our church even used his pic on Instagram to promote Kona Ice one Sunday!
Lifetime adoptive dad Aaron admires his sonThere’s so much to love about our new family dynamic, I especially love the bond he has with his Daddy. He also loves his furry big brother, Nico.
Zachary is happy, curious, smart, and now that he’s crawling things are starting to get interesting! The most common phrase we hear from family and friends is, “He looks just like you!”

We are 100% positive that this adoption match was ordained by God!

Zachary’s birth mom and I have been staying in touch via text and I’ve sent photos to her monthly. She had scheduled a visit in June but had to cancel at the last minute. I’m praying all is well with her and we’re hoping she can make a visit soon.”


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