Hopeful adoptive couple in their kitchen, shopping for baby gear onlineIt’s a bit complicated to create to-do lists and to-buy lists for an adoptive child. Your timeline of events is unpredictable. It’s tricky to determine what to get before you’re matched and what should wait. Your shopping list varies depending on the age of the child you are adopting. And you have to make preparations for that hospital visit when you first get to meet your child.
Slow down, take a deep breath, and entrust all these worries to God. Have faith that the timing of events is His. He’s in the details of your life, and what’s important to you is important to Him. There is a precious child intended specifically for your family.
Since you have enough on your plate preparing for adoption, we’ve created a list of the basic essentials needed to care for a baby, so you have one less thing to worry about.


One of the first things you need to arrange is a space for your baby to sleep. Decide on your preference—a crib? Pack ‘n play? Bedside bassinet? Don’t forget a crib mattress, fitted sheets, swaddle blankets, and sleep sacks.


You’ll need to figure out how to feed your baby, too. You want the best nutrition for your child, but with so many options available, it’s difficult to know where to start. For the ultimate collection of organic formula with clean, simple ingredients, check out Little Bundle. Be sure to stock up on some bottles, nipples, bottle brushes, and burp cloths, too, for the inevitable messes.


If you don’t yet know your soon-to-be child’s gender, start by collecting neutral clothing for now. Gather up onesies, outfits, footie pajamas, and socks. As you determine how many outfits to get, keep in mind the fact that babies often go through a couple of outfits a day with messes, especially in the early newborn days.


Set up a changing station—even just a diaper pad and storage for supplies will do. Include a diaper pail, diapers (newborn to size 3 are a good start), plenty of wipes, and diaper rash cream.


In addition to pacifiers, a white noise machine can help soothe an infant to sleep. Babywearing is another excellent way to calm a little one and can be instrumental in establishing that special bond between parents and a new child. Between slings, wraps, and backpack-style carriers, you have plenty of gear styles to choose from.

Safety & Health

Besides a car seat and stroller system, safety for your child means a child-proofed home. You can wait till your baby becomes more mobile if you’d like. When you’re ready, install outlet covers, corner protectors, cabinet locks, and gates at staircases and doorways.
Add baby items to your medicine cabinet, too—a thermometer, gas drops or gripe water, teething gel, infant acetaminophen and ibuprofen, saline nasal spray, and a nasal bulb.


When it comes to bathtime, you can always choose to skip the baby bathtub and opt to use the sink or a shared shower, if you’d rather keep it simple. Add some baby soap/shampoo, lotion, towels, washcloths, and you’re ready for bathtime.

Save & Keep it Simple

Adoption itself adds enough expenses to your budget. So try buying items online using a free browser extension that finds you deals and discounts on your purchases. (For example, 4.6-star-rated Wikibuy is easy to install, simple to use, and can save you a good chunk of change.)
Keep things simple, try to stick to those bare necessities, and save wherever you can. Remember, don’t let the rush of preparations distract you from the joy this new little one is about to add to your life. Trust in God and the call you feel to adopt. All the blessings you’re hoping for are coming—this is just one step in the process to get you there.