Our calling to love the Lord and to love our neighbor as ourselves (Matthew 22:36-40) has not been put on hold during the pandemic. Our methods may change, but our calling never does. So what does it look like to honor the Lord in caring for those around us?
For Lifetime adoptive parents-in-waiting Justin and Tiffany in Virginia, this calling found them working at their church. They took time out of their own lives to bless their neighbors! During the quarantine, this adoptive couple worked to update and refurbish the children’s classroom at their church. Take a look at their project! Tiffany says, “We have been blessed by the project. We really enjoyed the family time as well as seeing our church families’ excitement as our church opened back up!”
Tiffany and Justin worked on the children's classroom at their church
Tiffany painted a bright Noah’s ark-themed mural on the wall, complete with spots for happy stuffed animals on board the ship. Above the ark is a cheerful rainbow and sky, with this piece of scripture, “Mightier than the waves of the sea is His love for you.” (Psalm 93:4).
“We have been able to listen to the webinars, and we have really been enjoying them! We recently enjoyed listening to them as we finished our quarantine project. We decided to update and refurbish our children’s church classroom. It was soooo encouraging listening to the webinars while dreaming and thanking God for our future child/children who will be learning and playing in this room,” shares Tiffany.
So during this trying time, let us give out of an overflow of His love that He has lavished on us. Let us also encourage one another in these efforts and fight comparison. Each of us has different work schedules, talents, finances, and demands which makes blessing others look different for each of us. Each of us using what the Lord has given us as a collective Church brings glory to His kingdom!