Happy adoptive couple following tips on how to bond with your baby after adoptionAs you envision that sweet moment when you hold your baby in your arms, you may wonder if bonding in adoption is difficult. It’s normal to worry, but God will help you. And like many of your other parenting-related tasks, dedicating your time and energy to bonding with your adopted baby will be one of your biggest priorities. It’s completely possible to learn how to bond with your baby after adoption.
Bonding is a God-given experience that comes with life-long benefits for both you and your child. Today, we’re sharing a few tips to help you begin bonding with your sweet baby!

Remain close by

Staying close to your baby throughout your day helps you grow closer to your little one. Whether you’re going for a walk or sitting on the sofa, keep your baby as close as possible. A great way to do this is by carrying them with you in a baby sling or a structured baby carrier like a Babybjörn.
Hold your baby, make eye contact with her, and give her lots of hugs to reinforce the bonding process. It’s a God-given instinct to want to hold a baby, so enjoy holding your new bundle of joy.

Respond quickly

Bonding with an adopted baby means you want to strengthen their trust. When you respond lovingly and quickly to their needs, it makes them feel secure. Your adopted child learns that you are their source of help. You’re the one that will make them feel better when they have pain. Responding to your adopted baby’s needs seems like such a simple thing to do, but this simple action builds a strong bond between you and your sweet adopted baby.

Skin-to-skin contact

Having skin-to-skin contact with a caregiver is very important for newborn babies. There are many bonding benefits when you hold your little one on your bare skin. Holding your baby skin to skin helps you learn your baby’s signals, and little ways of communicating. Plus, it builds a sense of security and trust of you in the baby’s little heart.
Place your baby on your bare chest between your breasts. (Make sure they’re wearing a diaper!) Drape a blanket over both you and your baby for extra warmth. Snuggle and allow your baby to relax and enjoy the feel of your skin. Dad can bond too by putting the baby on his bare chest. These moments allow the baby to hear your heartbeat, connecting them to you two in a special way.

Infant massage

Baby massage is a great way to bond with an adopted baby. There are many benefits to infant massage:

  • Helps your baby sleep better
  • Encourages weight gain
  • Improves your baby’s digestive system
  • Relieves teething pain
  • Enhances bonding
  • Relieves stress
  • Helps baby to relax

It’s easy to try these gentle massage techniques on your baby’s back, legs, or tummy. You can use baby lotion or oil to hydrate their skin, so it’s silky soft. The time and attention you invest in these early months will lay the foundation for a strong bond throughout life.

Look into their eyes

Did you know that newborns are nearsighted? During their first three months, a baby can only see things that are 8 to 15 inches away. So, when you feed your baby, draw them near to your face. Babies love faces. And your face will be especially important to your adopted child as the two of you bond together through eye contact.

Carry baby

Slings, wraps, and carriers make it easy to carry your baby everywhere you go. They’re snuggly for baby and free up your hands up to do jobs around the house.
Your baby feels your body’s warmth, making them feel safe and secure. Carrying your child enhances the bond between you two. These sweet times will be an answer to your prayers for a baby.

Talk to baby

Bonding in adoption means you’re engaging your child with your eyes, your smile, and your words. Talk to your baby all the time. Coo, sing, laugh and giggle. Let your child enjoy the many varied sounds of your voice.
Your baby will enjoy hearing the sound of their mama’s voice. As they get older, they’ll turn their head when you speak to them. No doubt, your heart will grow a little bigger when you see that smile.

How to Bond With Your Baby After Adoption

We hope that our tips on how to bond with your baby after adoption will prove helpful! As you pray and seek God, He’ll help you find unique ways to bond with your new adopted baby. Be sure to have lots of contact with your baby, touching, smiling, and holding them all the time. Bonding with your adopted baby will be one special job you’ll love!