The weather is nasty outside, and you’re just aching to hold your baby in your arms. I’ve been there, and there were times it seemed like we’d never adopt. I had to find a way to keep myself inspired and motivated to reach my goal of being a mommy through adoption. I found a few things helpful.

adoption support group

One was having an adoption buddy; I had another hopeful adoptive mother that was as committed as I was to become a mom. We would chat during the day and encourage each other with ideas and trade information. It was nice to speak to someone who was like me. I was able to shed some tears with her when I became frustrated at the process, or when a birth mother chose another couple instead of us. I had to stay connected to keep motivated during my adoption wait. The inspiration came from many sources including prayer, support group meetings, and reading.

If you need inspiration today, you’re only a click away from online resources. There are positive role models out there for you, who will help and not hinder your adoption journey. Set up a group of positive and encouraging hopeful mothers. In this way, you can create an adoption network of women who are willing to help each other. It’s important to avoid negative people, those who just complain but don’t get very far. You don’t need them anywhere near you or your adoption plan- they will only drag you down.

I also recommend reading Christian books with motivating and inspiring messages. These will help you move forward with confidence, knowing that adoption is possible and will happen for you. Seek out God’s guidance and be inspired by His word while you travel this road that many of us have been down before. Remember, there is a baby for you!

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
– Jeremiah 29:13