New adoption webinar
Lifetime recently hosted a Christian adoption webinar called “Trusting God With Your Story.” In this new webinar, Christian author Elizabeth Laing Thompson joined in as our guest host! She’s written two encouraging Christian books: When God Says “Wait” and When God Says “Go”.
Elizabeth is hoping that she can help you expand your faith as you follow God’s call to adopt. She loves to assist Christians in recognizing God’s call!
One of Lifetime’s adoptive mothers, Medea, shares, “Thank you so much for the new webinar! I laughed, cried, pumped my fist in the air with a “YESSSSS!!!!!”, and took notes. I wrote something down in my Bible that you said because it was so profound: ‘Surrender [of control] is a wrestling.’
Lifetime webinar, Trusting God With Your StoryI was so encouraged and didn’t want the webinar to end. I have plans to purchase both books of Elizabeth’s. More than anything, the webinar grew my hope. When Elizabeth talked about how God will say ‘go’ and then ‘wait’ in the same sentence, I totally got it. Sometimes people try to encourage us with the ‘God’s timing’ phrase and while I know it is all in His control, I totally related when she talked about how that can rub you the wrong way on most days.
Sometimes people bring confusion with their thoughts, but this webinar was all clarity and hope and encouragement. Thank you!”
This new webinar will be a helpful tool to you, too, as you trustfully wait for His next direction of your path to adoption!
To watch “Trust God With Your Adoption,” visit AdoptionWebinar.com.