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Jessica’s Adoption Story

I was already six months along when I found out I was pregnant. I was scared…terrified. I was a high school senior with just one semester left. I didn’t have a job or a car, and I hadn’t even thought about college yet. My boyfriend and I had broken up right around the time I got pregnant. So I knew that adoption would be the best option for us.
Even though my mom was there to support me every step of the way, I still felt very alone. I felt like God was punishing me, and I was scared. But I wasn’t scared for me…I was scared for my baby. I didn’t want to let him (or her) down. I was nervous that if I did adoption, the parents I chose wouldn’t be the right people. I was worried that my child would hate me when they found out about me.

Why I Chose Adoption

All I wanted was for my baby to have what I didn’t when I was growing up. My mom was a single mom of two kids by the time she was 21. She struggled so much. But I didn’t want my child to have to live through the struggling. I wanted my child to get toys on Christmas and birthdays, to have a dad that would be there at recitals and sports games. I wanted my baby to be able to have the opportunities that I didn’t. And I knew I couldn’t provide all that.
Instead of trying to raise my baby, and giving him the same childhood I had without a dad, I knew that the only way to give my baby a perfect life was to find the perfect parents.
I feel like God knew that I would choose adoption. At that moment, I could barely take care of myself, and I couldn’t bear failing my baby. I love my baby, and every day I tried to think about what life might be like. But it was like God made my mind draw a blank. It was like a reminder that adoption was His plan for me.

Choosing My Baby’s Parents

Woman sitting on sofa, drinking coffee while she recounts why she chose adoption for her babyI knew Ryan and Britt were the ones the moment I talked with them. My Adoption Coordinator joined in on the call to help me as I struggled to ask them questions about who they were and how they would plan to raise my baby.
But before I even spoke to them, I knew deep down that they were the ones God had sent me. When I picked them, I knew just the basics about Britt, but I did know she would be a wonderful mother. I knew Ryan and Britt were God’s gift to me. I knew that adoption was God’s plan for me.
After meeting Ryan and Britt, I felt at peace. I was so happy for them and so glad that I found my baby parents that could do what I couldn’t.

My Experience With Teen Pregnancy

There were plenty of other pregnant girls at my high school but none of them was making the decision that I was. At first, people were shocked, but once I explained my story, they slowly started to understand where I was coming from.
Every day, girls would come up to me and ask me how I could give my baby away and do what I was doing. I just told them, “It’s not for me, it’s for my son.” Because once I became pregnant, life was no longer all about me. It was about the baby inside of me. I got lots of praise about how strong I was from my teachers and my family. But I didn’t feel like I needed praise, because what I was doing was for my baby. As a mother, you do anything for your child. You don’t see strangers on the street praise a mother when she does something for her child.
My experience with choosing adoption has made me a stronger person. It’s made me look at life from a different perspective. God gave me the chance to improve a couple’s life. I answered their prayers when I made Ryan and Britt parents.

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A birth mother's adoption story #adoption #birthmom #birthmother #adopt #choosingadoption
A birth mother's adoption story #adoption #birthmom #birthmother #adopt #choosingadoption
A birth mother's adoption story #adoption #birthmom #birthmother #adopt #choosingadoption