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How to Cope With Stress During Your Adoption Wait

Most adoptive couples face stress at some point during their adoption wait. Although not all stress is bad, much of what we experience is avoidable. To keep physically and mentally healthy, it’s very important that we learn how to deal … Continue reading

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How to Create Calm Faith During Your Adoption Journey

During the adoption wait, the cause of most of our stress is frustration and lack of control over the process. I’ve found the solution to frustration is practicing having “calm” faith that the process of adoption has been successful for … Continue reading

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God’s Timing Was Perfect!

Here’s a sweet adoption update from Lifetime adoptive couple Casey and April: “Two years ago, today, we signed our adoption contract to complete our family. Not knowing what the journey would look like, how long it would be, or what … Continue reading

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A Cherished Adoption Milestone

Diane, our head Adoption Coordinator at Lifetime Christian Adoption recently received this adoption update from adoptive couple Ben and Nicole: “We have some exciting news to share; we have just returned home after finalizing our adoption! Braelyn is gaining weight … Continue reading

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Hear Christian Adoptive Couple Paul and Summer’s Adoption Story!

If you’ve been sensing that the Lord has called you to adopt a baby or child, you might be wondering how you KNOW for sure you’re called to adopt. You may also be asking yourself what it feels like to … Continue reading

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Wished for, Longed for, and Prayed For

Here’s an adoption update from Christian adoptive couple Courtney and Jessica: “We wanted to send some updated pictures of Tate. He is doing awesome; he is always so happy! Laughs and makes the funniest faces. He is growing so fast…already five … Continue reading

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Our Bundle of Joy

Our staff at Lifetime Christian Adoption received this beautiful adoption story and photo from Jeremy and Heather on their adoption story: “What a blessed year this has been! After seven years of waiting, God has answered our prayers and delivered … Continue reading

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Adoption Challenges – How to Anchor Yourself in God

No, I do not become discouraged. You see, God has not called me to a ministry of success. He has called me to a ministry of mercy.—Mother Teresa, when asked if she ever grew fainthearted while working among the poor.[1] … Continue reading

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