Making an adoption plan for your baby or child is a difficult decision.  No matter what your decision is, you should know that God loves you for who you are.

God will forgive you for your sins and give you a clean slate.  Forgiveness will not rely on whether or not you give your baby up for adoption, but on where your heart is at the time.

As a Christian, it’s important to feel comfortable with the choice you end up making. Think about these questions:

  1. Environment: What is the atmosphere you live in? Can you provide a safe and warm shelter? Are you living without life’s necessities?  Your home should be clean and up to city codes.
  2. Finances: Are you able to provide the medical care your baby needs? Can you afford to feed the baby and yourself healthy foods?  Money is a big issue when considering raising a child on your own.
  1. Education: Are you still school? Have you graduated?  Do you plan on going to college?  And…what about a job!  Do you have the skills and training to earn a high enough income to support the baby and yourself?
  1. Family: Does your family approve of you choosing adoption? If not, will they help you raise the baby?  The role your family plays will weigh heavy on your heart, but it shouldn’t be the determining factor.

Once you’ve received Christ Jesus into your life, a doorway between God and you will open.  The Father wants you to communicate your hearts` desires and needs with Him.  By embarking in a relationship with Him, you are taking the first step in praying with confidence.

Next, purchase a Bible if you don’t have one.  If you can’t afford a Bible, ask someone you know who is a Christian to borrow theirs.

  • Read the scripture
  • Ask questions
  • Believe in God’s promise – I will never forsake you.
  • Pray for answers
  • Wait for signs

Our Lord and Savior is an awesome God!  Nothing in this world should shame you from seeking Him first.  The Bible tells us that God loves it when we come to Him with a pure heart.  Asking Him for direction in whether adoption is right for your child will be your second step of obedience.